State of the art shutters


Bahama shutters are surging in popularity along the Crystal Coast. These shutters feature a welded frame and extremely durable shutter with strength that cannot be duplicated with metal fasteners. They come complete with a powder coat finish and topped off with a clear coat.

Bahama shutters give your home that classic beach look, and also offer shade and storm protection. Atlantic Awnings NC offers numerous configurations and styles, and unlimited color choices that offer impressive life expectancy due to their durability.

These shutters are hinged at the top, making them easy to pull over windows when a storm approaches. They are a one-piece shutter that is mounted above a window. They can remain propped open at all times, left partially closed or completely closed for privacy. As they are secured to the wall itself, they will remain sturdy during strong winds. 

Improved curb appeal. These shutters will add a sophisticated, tropical charm to the interior and exterior of your home, boosting its value. They give windows a finished look and simple adjustments let you control lighting within the room. Open all the way for full sunlight, close completely for shade, or anything in between.

Storm protection. Bahama shutters add a layer of security to your home during a storm by protecting windows from splintering, water and debris. The unique top hinge design allows for rapid opening or closing for inclement weather conditions. Shutters are also more durable than other types of window coverings so they will wear well in any weather conditions.

Security. Simply closing and latching the shutters adds protection against intruders, as well as giving you complete privacy in your own home.

Energy savings. By keeping out hot or cold air and giving you direct control over how much sunlight gets through, these shutters will help keep your home running at peak energy efficiency. Bahama shutters also have an advantage due to their top hinges. The shutter can be set at varying angles from the window when open, facilitating different levels of air flow into the house.

Ease and versatility. Our expert craftsmen can create designs to fit almost any window shape or size.

These advantages make Bahama shutters an excellent, high-performance option for many types of homeowners. These shutters are appropriate for homeowners who value sun and light control, ventilation, sound dampening, security, and ease of operation in one efficient and aesthetically pleasing design.

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