Elite Roof System

The Elite Roof  System is a 3-inch insulated panel that has zero heat transfer, so you stay nice and cool out of the sun and rain. It is extremely durable and strong enough for a man to walk on.

It features a nice clean look when it is finished.  You can enclose it later and even add windows and doors.

I believe it is the best outdoor canopy you can buy. I even put it on my own house!

Powder Coated Awning Frames

Atlantic Awnings is now offering POWDER COATED awning frames.  Powder coating will extend the life of your frames from the elements as well as looking good.

A different style, a new twist to accent your home.  It is quite remarkable how much less heat comes in even though the awnings are small and open.

A Happy Fisherman

A happy fisherman now able to clean his fish outside (RAIN or SHINE) under an awning


Order an over the door awning using this fabric and receive a 15% discount

Benefits of Awnings

If you’re looking for a little more shade this summer, maybe an awning is the way to go.

Awnings are overhangs, either fixed or retractable, mounted on a house’s exterior. They’re typically placed above a window, door, or patio to provide shade. In fact, the area under an awning can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding temperature.

But awnings have benefits beyond shade. Because they block sunlight, awnings cut down on heat gain indoors, which can translate to more comfortable room temperatures and lower energy bills in the summer months.

They shield windows, doors, decks, and patios from dirt; prevent fading and cracking from too much sunlight; and protect against the damaging effects of weather. Plus, during rainstorms, they can help channel water away from the house, cutting down on basement seepage.

If an awning sounds right for you, you’ll have some decisions to make, including materials and functionality. Awnings are usually made of aluminum or a sturdy fabric such as cotton canvas or one of today’s mildew-, water-, and UV ray-resistant synthetics. You’ll also need to decide whether you want fixed or retractable awnings, and if retractable, either manual or motorized operation.

We even offer old fashioned metal awnings. With a welded all-aluminum frame they provide a super strong structure. In fact, our frame is 10 times stronger than one built conventionally. We cover the frame with traditional step down aluminum panels. These panels feature baked-on enamel paint for years of enjoyment and ease of maintenance.

If you desire this classic look of metal awnings for your home or business, Atlantic Awnings is ready to help you.

For a free estimate, contact Atlantic Awnings at 252-725-3406 or send us a message.